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Tim Krekel Orchestra

Soul Season



The gap between country music and soul music is not as wide as most people would think, and one only has to listen to the lyrics in each genre to get an idea of their thematic similarities. Hell, Ray Charles proved that more than 40 years ago. So it should not be too surprising when artists classified as country branch out, throw a blues riff into the mix and rip out a heartfelt R&B basher. That's exactly what Tim Krekel has done, and he has declared it "Soul Season."

Krekel has been writing country hits for years, but his own records are juke-joint rockers. "Soul Season" takes the white-boy blues to a new place, rich with horns and Hammond B-3 riffs. With a great sense of what he wants to do, Krekel hits this one out of the park. 4 stars.

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