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The Workhorse

6 people who define the holiday season
Wil May, artist/producer


What's his deal 

"Since high school, I was the dude who efficiently overachieved. When I work, I go hard. The need for innovation and creation drives my work. The grind never stops. I'll probably make beats on Christmas. I wrote a song about overachieving called 'Get Up Early.' Peep the MySpace."

Ideal holiday meal 

"My mom's mustard greens, mac-n-cheese, turkey, gravy, stuffing and some buttery-ass rolls."

Perfect gift 

"On the receiving end: checks, good food. It sounds pretty shitty, but I haven't given a gift in about five years. But I am a generous person, so I think I'm-a make it rain this year."

Where's the party? 

"I got into skiing last year when I went to Park City. The nightlife there was surprisingly on point. Mad Latin girls for some reason. So I wanna vacate to Aspen, Park City or Tahoe."

Feel-good activity 

"Joking with the fam and boozing with the homies."

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