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The Woggles

Rock And Roll Backlash



The garage-rockin' Woggles are now a national act with singer Manfred "The Professor" Jones based in California, leaving the rest of the band splashed across Athens, Atlanta and Alabama. From the sound of their newest release, the distance has congealed the unit, pushing the longest-standing lineup of the two-decade-old band to new heights of soulful '60s-fueled testifyin'. On their first release for Little Steven's Wicked Cool Records, the Woggles wiggle through a dozen tunes with the monophonic-mindset of a vintage 7-inch single. You remember those, right? Singles? Every song on this album would have been an AM radio-ready single in the mid-'60s. The title track and "It's Not About What I Want (It's What You Got)" highlight the band's perfectly simple formula: guitar, bass and drums backing insanely catchy lyrics. The resulting raucous good time music is hot enough to erase the masters of all the Kingsmen, Sonics and Shadows of Knight records combined. Yeah! 5 stars

The Woggles' CD release party is Fri., Feb. 9, at the Earl.

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