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The Vaselines Enter the Vaselines



The Vaselines were a couple of randy Scotts whose giddy affections for each other solidified in amateurish though remarkably catchy pop ditties about sex and religion. This deluxe revamp of The Way of the Vaselines encompasses their short 1986-1990 lifespan. "Son of a Gun" and "Teenage Superstars" illustrate the butting of noisy chords and bubblegum melodies that keep them from disappearing, but their cover of Divine's "You Think You're a Man" is a sickly disco detour. And even though "Molly's Lips" is a fantastic song, Nirvana's cover is superior if for no other reason than Nirvana's choice to shed the annoying bicycle horn that ruins the moment every time it honks. A demo/live disc captures the humor and attitude the group wielded onstage. But the real character lies in the contrasting innocence and perversion of their raw sing-along songs. 4 out of 5 stars

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