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The Satellites rock again

Baird, Richards and friends are back in orbit, recalling their launch-pad period


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The temporarily reunited Keith and the Satellites are quick to point out that The Earl shows are not a Georgia Satellites gathering, and they do not intend to revive that period. "We're gonna do a bunch of covers, because we did a lot of them back then, and the songs we wrote then," Baird says. "We're just gonna fly like its 1981."

They also promise a slew of surprise Hedgens-era guests, late-night jam sessions and very little pre-show practice (Baird currently lives in Nashville, and Christopher in New York). In addition, a special limited-edition CD of previously unreleased material, as well as commemorative posters and T-shirts, will be available at the shows. The performances will be filmed for a future DVD release. Amid all the whoopin' and hollerin,' Baird vows to adhere to the original band's only real goal: simply to have fun.

"Can we make something happen again, and then take what happens and channel it?" Baird asks rhetorically. "Well, that's just a kinda groovy, metaphysical way of sayin', 'Hey y'all, wouldn't it be


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