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The Ruination: Oh Dang!




It would be a mistake to relegate Atlanta's the Ruination to the lowly status of a jam band. Even though the right pieces are in place, there are some serious cosmic moments spread out across the slow-motion dub cuts that serve as the backbone to Oh Dang!. "Intro Styles" simmers with a quiet skronk and rumble before a handful of intertwining rhythms weave around each other over instrumental cues that define such songs as "Scary Movie" and "Can't Step This Dub." At any given moment there are four to a dozen instruments playing off of each other, but the arrangements always stick to a minimal groove. Most of the action takes place amid the bass, drums, piano and saxophone, which guide the music's otherworldly drift. The group doesn't throw any surprise punches along the way, and embraces the familiarity of traditional jazz fused with dub-rock inclinations. But it also disregards the clichés to create an album that's smooth, experimental and easy on the ears. (3 out of 5 stars)

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