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The Right Rev. Andy

WRAS-FM DJ graduates with a 'billy bang


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It's never too late to graduate, even if it means giving up something you love. Atlanta native the Rev. Andy (, who has been a mainstay on GSU's 88.5 (WRAS-FM) for more than five years, finally earned his college degree. Sadly, it means he no longer gets to fill the airwaves every Monday night with the best in roots, rockabilly and psychobilly. His show was an anomaly on the ultracontemporary alternative station, yet he was voted the best DJ by the station's listeners this year.

The Rev. Andy credits his family for his unusual musical taste. "I developed my love for rock music thanks to my parents keeping the house filled with music from Elvis Presley, Eddie Cochran, Carl Perkins and Johnny Horton." What set his show apart was his vast collection and knowledge of psychobilly, which he describes as "a fusion of rockabilly and punk rock. It's much harder and more aggressive than rockabilly music. It's like taking a bucket of fried chicken, dousing it with whiskey, and setting it on fire."

Andy has nothing but good things to say about the WRAS experience. "Album 88 is my fraternity – nowhere else at GSU will you find a more diverse group of people who can get along so well."

With a part-time gig at Dave FM (92.9), Andy also plans to develop a podcast show and a public-access TV show featuring live performances. "You'll also catch my name around town putting together shows and trying to bring more 'billy bands to Atlanta. One of my goals is to keep this upward swing in the underground rock scene going higher."

The Rev. Andy's Grad Party, feat. the Creeping Cruds, Psycho DeVilles, Tremors and Liabilities. Fri., June 6. 9 p.m. Star Bar. 404-681-9018.


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