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The race: City Council President

Our pick: Clair Muller


As a voter, you can’t really lose with either Ceasar Mitchell or Clair Muller. Both councilmembers seeking the president’s office are likable, qualified candidates who are respected by their peers. As far as the actual job description of the post is concerned — appointing committees and leading Council meetings — either could fill the role admirably.

Mitchell is a real-estate attorney who’s served eight years on Council and shows thoughtfulness when considering legislation. Muller is a 20-year Council veteran who knows city operations inside and out. It’s a shame one of them will leave the Council when the election is over.

That said, we’re endorsing Muller for her institutional knowledge of Atlanta’s infrastructure challenges, her long track record of keeping the city plugged into regional planning decisions and, frankly, her nature as a workaholic.

Muller is the architect of both the citywide recycling program and Mayor Franklin’s sewer repair plan, and she’s made clear that, as president, she would focus on Atlanta’s transportation problems, helping to implement the innovative Connect Atlanta plan that was developed with her oversight.
She wouldn’t be flashy or outspoken as Council president, but we can guarantee Muller would be hard-working and effective.

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