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The one to watch: Justin Welborn

Co-star, The Signal



EVENT: December premiere of The Signal, the Atlanta-made horror film and Sundance hit about a toxic emission from a city's TV, radio and cell phones that drives the citizenry berserk.

REASON TO WATCH: Horror films have their "Final Girl" who makes it through the bloodletting intact, but Ben (Welborn) is a Final Guy, guided by his love for traumatized beauty Mya (Anessa Ramsey) to the bitter end.

LAST SEEN: A prolific Atlanta stage and screen actor, Welborn has worked with Dad's Garage, the Alliance Theatre, 7 Stages and PushPush.

WHAT THEY SAY: On The Signal and what it means: "The idea behind it is how our own devices rule us, how our own possessions possess us, and that includes everything from the emotional aspect of holding onto people to the fact that your television has told you to murder your neighbor."

WHAT'S NEXT: Welborn has co-written a play about zombies, The Room, with pal Robert Mosca. "It's not essentially about the zombies as much as the inevitability of decisions when people are put into a confined space and having to face an end point."

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