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The N.E.C.: Is

Double Phantom/[OVE:EVO]



The semantics of a word like progressive need to be handled delicately when it comes to the N.E.C. (Natural Extension Concept). The band is defined by an ever-constant push to better itself, but progress for the N.E.C. is a process of refinement. The crux of the group's energy lies in drawn-out, fugue-like moments of rhythm and grooves formed amid an aural palette of perfectly designed tones, distortions and glacial power. To put it simply, the group's M.O. is a minimalist approach to psych rock kicked into maximum overdrive. Throughout the group's latest EP, Is, songs such as "It's Right," "Dead of Night" and "Those (Guilty Pleasures)" plunge headlong into the dark, psychedelic murk the group has been surfing since its inception. But this time around, the songs move with a faster motorik velocity that rocks unconditionally while remaining arty and always pushing both aspects to the nth degree. 4 out of 5 stars.

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