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The LeeVees

Hanukkah Rocks



There's long been the snide saying that Jews control the media, but that's way, way off-base. If that really were the case, there would not be so many awful Christmas-oriented compilations. If we have to endure another Bing Crosby remix, it might well drive some people away from music altogether. No, see, if Jews truly controlled the media, there would be a plethora of quality Hanukkah music offerings of all flavors.

Enter the LeeVees' cute Hanukkah Rocks, original rock ditties that give props to all the cool cultural elements of the holiday, even down to questioning how it's spelled. It is good for guaranteed smiles at one's personal annual festival of lights, given no one present is too uptight. But the album's singular place in the market also highlights how little choice is out there. That alone makes their song "Applesauce vs. Sour Cream" almost dangerously influential. They demand that you make a choice on what you want to put on your latkes (potato pancakes): "Hurry! This can't wait/The grease is starting to coagulate." But never do they explore the possibility that one can use both, to delicious results. Hanukkah does indeed rock -- we're talking presents for eight days, people! So respect is due to the LeeVees for shouting out loud about it in the endearing and funny way that they do.

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