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The Judies

Redefining the wardrobe


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If you've never seen the Judies, go rent Velvet Goldmine. Like lead character Curt Wild's demeanor in that movie, the three-piece constantly strives for reinvention, always managing to outdo itself with each performance.

Sure, the band has good recorded material, but the live show is what sets it apart in a sea of blah. Lead Warren Ullom uses the blessing of a naturally fit body to woo the crowd. You can often find him playing minus a shirt, which results in instant approval from the ladies. If you think that's interesting, you should hear his reasoning for showing so much skin. "I think no shirt is my favorite shirt," Ullom says. "I don't want my wardrobe to define me the way it does for other musicians."

With the seasoned moves Ullom displays, one might wonder where his technique comes from. He's "not really influenced by other musicians," he says. "It's more like I'm free to be myself when I perform, and that allows me to connect with the audience."

Ullom and the Judies also realize that the catchy punk-rock sound they generate distinguishes them from their peers. "I feel like our live show is more dynamic in simplicity. We keep it simple on stage, but each show is different. The songs are more engaging because they have hooks."

One thing's for sure – the Judies came out of nowhere to show Atlanta it deserves to be seen and heard. Based on the new faces turning up at each show, people are definitely getting hooked.

The Judies perform w/ Slow Motion Crash, Boxbomb and Dreaden. 9 p.m. Fri., March 30. Vinyl, 1374 W. Peachtree St. 404-885-1365.


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