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The Impotent Sea Snakes get their mojo back

Glam-drag troupe returns to the Masquerade



For more than two decades, the Impotent Sea Snakes pushed the limits of what Atlantans considered alternative by bringing various subcultures (glam, goth, gay, S&M and drag) together for one big rock 'n' roll spectacle. Comprised of five guys in drag and a troupe of sexy performers, the band practiced free speech with a decadent message that promoted individuality, safe sex and tolerance.

But the party came to a tragic end a few years ago.

"We decided to take an indefinite hiatus a few years ago because we had two more [band members commit] suicide," says pink-wigged frontman 13 (née Dean Riopelle). "That's six in 21 years. That was just too much for the rest of us."

With an international following that included Lemmy Kilmister and Jenna Jameson, the Sea Snakes were featured on HBO specials, one of which included 13's marriage to singer Princess Christy at the star-studded Exotic Erotic Ball.

"This year our 11th wedding anniversary and [the Exotic Erotic Ball's] 30th anniversary fell on the same date," says 13. "So they called and asked if we could do it. The show went off so well and got such a great response, the band approached me backstage and asked if I was open to do New Year's Eve in Atlanta."

When the band takes to the stage to ring in 2010, there will be some familiar faces as well as some new debaucherous performers, including a suspension show with acrobats hung from the ceiling by hooks in their back.

"A lot of this stuff freaks me out as much as it does the fans," admits 13.

Now that the Sea Snakes have been aroused from slumber, they'll continue to stimulate audiences – so long as they are large enough to please the band. "I'll do the big ones again," says 13. "We all had so much fun we're going to continue playing sporadically."

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