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Downsizing your carbon footprint


Carbon is part of life. In fact, much of what we are is carbon. When our souls are gone and the water evaporates from our bodies, most of what's left is carbon.

Carbon is the fourth most common element in the universe. Over time a lot of the Earth's carbon has wafted into the upper atmosphere, shrouding our globe like a thin blanket. Without carbon, the Earth would be a very cold place.

Carbon is creating a hell of a problem. By burning oil and coal, chopping down trees, and driving cars, we're unlocking millions of thousands of tons of carbon every year that otherwise would stay down here, where it's supposed to be. Instead, it's floating into the sky, in the form of carbon dioxide, much faster than it did before. And as that blanket around the Earth thickens, our climate is getting warmer – mainly because of carbon.

In this Earth Day issue, we celebrate Georgians who are, among other things, doing their small part to shrink our carbon footprint. And we share a few tips for all of us to help them.

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