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The Grange Public House



CRAIC ("FUN") HOUSE: The owners of the Grange Public House (formerly the Angel) have taken the traditional route. They've created a pub that resembles those they frequented back home in Rathfarnham, Ireland, from the tiled floors to the dark wood that covers the entire interior. The pub borrows its name from medieval Ireland: "The Grange" was a place near monasteries for the monks and local folks to eat, drink and socialize. While you probably won't see any holy men next to you at the bar, the space is a pleasantly subdued hangout for a pint.

WATER OF LIFE: Like any good Irish pub, there is Guinness on draft, but you'll also find Allagash White and St. Bernardus Abt 12. And the bottled beer list holds many treasures, such as Mc Chouffe. The liquor selection is vast and impressive. One find, an organic Crop cucumber vodka, actually tastes like cucumber and is delectable with a splash of tonic. The pub also hosts events such as chess and trivia nights.

CELTIC COOKING: You have to hand it to the Irish — they know what kind of food goes well with drinking. Classics include shepherd's pie made with minced sirloin (there is a veggie version, too), fish and chips served with real Irish chips, brisket braised in Guinness, and meat pies made with "Irish-style savory brown gravy."

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