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The Eternal Rose at The Mansion on Peachtree, Buckhead



Maybe you've noticed lately when perusing the specialty drink menus at restaurants and bars that there's a definite trend toward savory and floral inspired libations. The ingredients used to create these concoctions run the gamut from aromatic liqueurs and exotic fruit to muddled herbs and vegetables. Normally the idea of such ingredients wouldn't offend the palette, mainly because they're served as part of a meal on a plate, but in a glass they blur the line between the manly and girly drinks.

I'm a traditionalist — manly drinks should be a basic blend of liquor and mixer. Their girly counterparts are usually a hodgepodge of ingredients designed to hide the taste of the alcohol.

But that doesn't mean I'm not open to crossing the line.

Take the Mansion on Peachtree's signature drink, the Eternal Rose ($12). Created by bartender Cody Collins during the hotel chain's 30th anniversary, he devised this drink in homage to the Mansion's founder, hotelier Caroline Rose Hunt. The Rose starts with a base of Belvedere Orange vodka. Peach liquor, fresh lemon and rose water is added and served martini-style, and topped with a rose petal garnish. Rose water is essentially a byproduct of rose oil, which is used in perfumes and cosmetics. Rose water is used extensively in Iranian and Indian cuisines. In cocktail form, the fusion of summer fruit and rose creates a perfume that wafts through the air and has you eagerly anticipating the drink's arrival — even if you're a guy.

The first taste of the Rose dissolves like silk and leaves a light note of citrus and flowers on your tongue. After a couple of sips, the drink begins to shed the dainty flavors and a mellow, perfectly balanced citrus Martini emerges.

The Eternal Rose is the perfect accompaniment for a girls' night out on the town. If you happen to be attuned to more masculine drinks, man up and enjoy this delightful, summery cooler.

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