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The dB's: Falling Off the Sky

Bar/None Records



Thirty years after the original lineup played its final note, the legendary dB's have reunited to record a new album. Back in the early '80s the dB's epitomized what was called "alternative" music. And while the band never achieved the commercial success of cohorts R.E.M., its influence on thousands of subsequent garage bands is immeasurable. What is surprising is how fresh and catchy the band still sounds, with trademark jangly guitars, edgy vocals, and pure pop hooks. Recorded over a couple of years at guitarist Chris Stamey's studio in Chapel Hill, N.C., guitar/keyboardist Peter Holsapple, bass player Gene Holder, and drummer Will Rigby took their time, and Falling Off the Sky is worth the wait. With 30 years of life between then and now, the band's new songs have a maturity that fits with the times. (4 out of 5 stars)

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