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The coming stormtroopers


As an African-American, I am absolutely petrified of the upcoming presidential election. I feel like a Jewish person in Nazi Germany, circa 1932: You know the hammer's coming down, but no one will listen to your warnings of impending chaos and ruin.

Gov. George W. Bush is a smiling phony, a quasi-Reichsfuhrer. If such a buffoon is allowed to return his family to the Oval Office, his Supreme Court appointments alone will set minorities back 30 years. A bogus "compassionate conservative" who cheerfully sends innocent people to the gas chamber, Bush is a willing tool of the likes of Bob Barr, Jesse Helms, Newt Gingrich, Tom Delay, Dick Armey, Matt "I am innocent -- oh, nevermind" Glavin, and New York's gestapo chief, Rudolph Giuliani.

It's instructive to study the tactics of Republican leaders to forecast Bush's policies. A case in point: Sen. Jesse Helms, North Carolina's senior senator. This man has consistently blocked the appointments of African-Americans to the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, and has stalled Foreign Service and ambassadorial appointments -- and he's the chairman of the Senate Relations Committee! When Helms finally meets his maker, African-Americans are going to party all night long.

Republican racists oppose affirmative action for minorities and women. They oppose hate-crime legislation on the federal and state levels. Anyone who follows hate groups and hate crime knows the far right and their Republican stooges, who already control Congress, are straining at the bit to get back into the White House. They know the kid from Texas will appoint a bunch of conservative racists to the federal bench.

Then, everything will be lost. The police gestapo will be unleashed. Protections of human and civil rights will fall by the wayside. The Miranda warning will be a thing of the past. The bloody deeds of Jasper, Texas, will be repeated 100 times over throughout the nation.

History always repeats itself. For minorities, liberals, progressives, women, trade unionists and others who believe in freedom, equality, fairness and justice, a reprise of the events of 1930s Germany are close at hand.

It's time to push the panic button and vote -- vote like your life and that of your family depends on it! The human rights you save may be your own.

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