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The case for Attaché


In the past, if you wanted to get bidness done in Atlanta, you might have called one of these guys: Angelo Fuster, Kevin Ross, Aaron Watson or Mary White-Prince. Soon, you'll be able to get all four for the price of one, though, we're guessing that price may have climbed a bit. The quartet has decided to merge their firms to form what, on paper, would be one of the most powerful and influential political/business consulting groups in the metro area -- Attache Public Affairs Group.

Ross guided Maynard Jackson's final successful campaign for mayor as well as both of Bill Campbell's mayoral runs -- a sin for which he can be forgiven since he escaped the administration without the taint of being investigated by the feds.

Most recently, Ross led U.S. Rep. David Scott, D-13th, to a surprising first-round victory in the 2002 Democratic primary before trouncing his Republican opponent in the general election. Ross is now widely believed to be helping organize former U.N. Ambassador and Atlanta Mayor Andrew Young's potential bid for the U.S. Senate.

Fuster, too, is advising Young, as he has DeKalb CEO Vernon Jones during Jones' recent dust-up with a DeKalb civil grand jury looking into his security detail. Fuster has worked in communications for three Atlanta mayors and as a consultant for the Sembler development company. The Cuba native remains a vocal voice of reason urging the easing of trade and travel restrictions with the island.

Meanwhile, Watson is a former Atlanta school board president and White-Prince served as the city's legislative lobbyist in the General Assembly.

Fuster says plans for the company are in their earliest stages, and the four should continue doing what they've done separately -- lobbying, campaign consulting and helping businesses do business with government.

"In the past, we've worked together on an ad-hoc basis, and this is an outgrowth of that," Fuster says.

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