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Bizarre Crimes from Atlanta police reports



AROUND 6:30 A.M., an officer saw a woman walking near Fourth and Peachtree streets. The officer wrote, "She was wearing black almost see-through panties, a red teddy top with a garter, and red and black boots that went up to her hips." Plus, she had hidden a 4-inch knife in her boot. The officer noted that her ensemble exposed her buttocks and genitals to the public. The woman, age 19, was arrested for indecency and carrying a knife.

IN LITTLE FIVE POINTS, a car with a blanket covering the windshield was sitting in the parking lot of a music venue. A police officer walked closer and saw a man on top of a woman. His pants were down, her dress was up. The woman, age 18, said they were at a photo shoot on Edgewood and then drove there. She said the man exposed his penis to her. The man, age 37, said he was using a rubber penis. The woman said the car belonged to her fiance. Both were arrested for indecency and taken to jail. (Note: This incident took place around 6:30 p.m.)

AN OFFICER responded to a call about an attempted suicide on Eloise Street. The officer wrote, "The victim stated that he jumped off a balcony approximately 10 feet high because he wanted to kill himself. He stated that he tried to land on his head, but missed." The man, age 58, was not hurt. The man has a history of mental illness, the officer noted. Plus, medics took him to Grady Memorial Hospital's psychiatric ward about 10 days earlier for threatening to kill himself. The officer arranged for medics to take him to Grady once again.

A 69-YEAR-OLD MAN was arrested for using a loudspeaker outside a housing development for elderly people in Buckhead. Before his arrest, police warned him on three separate occasions not to use a loudspeaker outside the old folks' home. No word on what the old man wanted to say so loudly. He went to jail for disturbing the peace.

A 70-YEAR-OLD MAN said a woman entered his apartment and stole $180 from his wallet. He said he met this woman about 10 days ago, and he thought she was his friend. He met her outside his apartment complex on Continental Colony Parkway. An officer talked with a security guard at the complex. He said this woman signed in and said she was visiting someone. The guard said this same woman has several male friends in the complex, and she appears to be running a con game on older men. The woman is described as around age 40 and about 200 pounds.

A DISPUTE BROKE OUT at a McDonald's on Peachtree Road. A married couple ordered hash browns and argued about the price. The couple said the advertised price of hash browns was two for $1, so they were shorted one order of hash browns. The manager said there was an extra charge for the second order of hash browns. The argument continued for a while. The manager eventually relented and gave them a second order of hash browns.

Then, the wife told the manager, "What is your damn problem? You must be having a bad day." The manager said he then asked them to leave because the woman used foul language. "I'm not going anywhere," the wife said. So the manager called police.

An officer arrived and warned the couple that they'd be arrested for trespassing if they kept refusing to leave. He said the best course of action was to call McDonald's with any complaints. The wife said she was a lawyer. The officer said if she wanted to pursue a legal course of action, that's fine, but she was no longer allowed to be on this McDonald's property. "I'm not going anywhere," the wife said again.

The wife started talking to patrons who either witnessed the dispute or had the same problem with the manager. The officer wrote, "I explained to her that I was not there in response to the hash brown dispute. I was there in response to the criminal trespass." The wife asked, "Why are you being so hostile?" Then, the husband demanded a police report. The officer agreed to write a report, but he explained that it was to document that the couple was permanently banned from returning to this particular McDonald's -- not about the civil dispute over hash browns.

No one was arrested.

AT THE CLERMONT LOUNGE, a man said the bartender sprayed him and his female friend with water. The bartender said there was a disagreement with the man involving who was paying for drinks that some women ordered. The bartender asked the man to leave, but he refused. So, the bartender said, she grabbed her water sprayer and doused them with a little water. Police gave the bartender a ticket for disorderly conduct. The man hails from Athens, Ga.

A 40-YEAR-OLD WOMAN was in the waiting room at Grady Memorial Hospital. She got upset about the long wait to see a doctor, so she pulled up her dress and peed on the waiting room floor. She was charged with public urination and taken to jail.

Items in The Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.

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