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Bizarre crimes from Atlanta police reports



ON ETHEREDGE DRIVE, a woman said her boyfriend brought over a box of chicken for her and the kids. The woman, age 30, is pregnant by her boyfriend, and she has two other children with him. She also has three other children.

The next day, the woman's mother brought over groceries. All five children were in the apartment. The boyfriend tried to take the food, but the woman confronted him about it. "Bitch, I fed you last night," the boyfriend said. He punched the woman's head, and she slapped him. He bit her fingers -- twice -- drawing blood from one finger. She tried to call police, but he ripped the phone out of the wall. Also, the boyfriend threw her keys into the woods behind the apartments. The boyfriend fled before police arrived. The woman described her boyfriend has having a tattoo on his shoulder that reads, "Fuck the world."

TWO MEN were spotted "acting suspicious and taking photos of the Midtown MARTA station on 10th Street," according to a police report. When asked what they were doing, the two men left in a Cherokee Jeep with a Georgia license plate. A police lookout was placed on the Jeep.

An officer spotted the Jeep and followed it to Northside Drive and West Paces Ferry Road, where the car was stopped. The two men were questioned. The older man (age 62) said the younger man is his son-in-law. He said his son-in-law was taking photos of the MARTA station for a class. The son-in-law is a student from London, England. Both men had proper identification, and the car was properly registered. The officer ran a computer check on both men -- no warrants. The officer got a call from an FBI agent, and he gave the agent the details of the situation. The FBI agent checked the two men on an FBI database -- no hits. The two men were released.

IN BUCKHEAD, a young man with a foreign accent walked up to a police officer and pointed to another man. The young man said this man flicked his hat and said to him, "You Asian-looking motherfucker, you Bin Laden-looking motherfucker." Plus, this man (and another guy) followed him.

Police tried to talk to the other man, who started walking faster, then running. As he started to run, he reached into his pants, pulled out a loaded handgun, and dropped it on the sidewalk. Police eventually caught the man, a 29-year-old from Durham, N.C. He went to jail.

A MIDDLE-AGED WOMAN said her 2004 Toyota Corolla was stolen from her son, who is a mental patient. She said her son doesn't know exactly where the car was stolen; only that he got out of the car on Metropolitan Parkway, so he could urinate behind a building. When the son came back, the car was gone.

ON MAGNOLIA STREET, a 66-year-old woman said her boyfriend spent the last two nights with her, then she told him to leave because her husband was coming home. The boyfriend (age 67) got mad, grabbed her shirt, and threatened to kill her. Also, he punched her face. The elderly boyfriend fled before police arrived. The woman refused medical attention.

A MIDDLE-AGED MAN was harassing people as they entered and exited the SunTrust Bank on Park Place. Also, the man tossed some trash around. When police arrived, the man walked into the middle of the street -- stopping traffic -- and asked if anyone knew the president of SunTrust Bank. The man was arrested for disorderly conduct.

A MAN walked to a Bank of America on Lee Street. As he neared the bank, another man approached him. The other man told him to withdraw some money for him -- or he would hurt him. Scared, the first man went inside the bank and called police. When police arrived, the other man was sitting outside the bank -- on his bike. The man, age 27, was jailed for attempted robbery by intimidation.

A WOMAN IN HER 20S says a man she met at work is calling her about eight times a day. He has also visited her house unannounced. She played some of his phone messages for police. In the message, the man said he knows why the woman isn't going to church. He repeatedly said that he was waiting at church for her and wanted to know why she wasn't there. The man said the spirit of God is in him and he will invade her life.

AN OFFICER RESPONDED to a "neighbor dispute" at a condominium complex on Monroe Square. A 34-year-old woman said a male neighbor banged on her door. He kept banging until the woman's boyfriend opened the door. The neighbor demanded to see the woman, so she went to the door. "What the hell is going on here? I can't sleep," the male neighbor said. "This goes on day and night -- this never stops." The boyfriend said, "If you have a problem, call the police." Then, the boyfriend asked the neighbor to leave.

The woman told police that this is the seventh time her neighbor banged on her door. She said the neighbor is now telling people that she is running a whorehouse from the condo.

A 28-YEAR-OLD MAN said he carried his brown leather wallet into the bathroom of a convenience store on Peachtree Road. The man said he put his wallet on the floor, next to the toilet, so he would be able to use both hands to go to the bathroom. Then, the man said, he left the convenience store and went to the Atlanta Public School system office to be fingerprinted. He realized he didn't have his wallet. He returned to the convenience store and realized his wallet was gone.

All items in The Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva complies these and puts them into her own words.

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