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A MAN said he was walking on the sidewalk near Boulevard and Burroughs Street when several "people" surrounded him. He could not describe the people. The man said he got scared, threw his wallet on the ground and ran. "It was all a blur," he said. He couldn't tell if the people had weapons or not or if they actually said anything to him. At some point, the man went back to the location and got his wallet -- which was still on the ground. But his ID was gone. An officer asked him why he waited so long to call police (it had been one day). "Man, I just wanted to get to the house. I just want to report my ID gone," he said. No injuries.

A 74-YEAR-OLD WOMAN went to a grocery store on Ponce de Leon Avenue. While she was shopping, a man engaged her in a conversation about whether the prices of turkey were good. When the elderly woman got to the checkout line, she realized her wallet was gone.

AT A TECHNICAL COLLEGE on Metropolitan Parkway, a fight broke out between two female students in their early 20s. (One woman has long, curly hair, the other has short, curly hair.) The long-haired student told the teacher that she didn't want the short-haired student to be in her work group because she always makes up excuses to leave class early. The long-haired student said she was tired of her leaving early. She said was upset with the short-haired student, so she threw a tray containing brain matter at her. Then, the two female students got into a fistfight. Several classmates had to break it up. Both students got tickets for fighting.

A SECURITY GUARD from Morehouse College approached a female officer who was working undercover. The guard said he needed some girls for a party. The female officer wrote, "I asked him what did I need to do at the party and he stated whatever I wanted. We exchanged numbers. I asked him was he on break and he stated he would be at 9 p.m. [The security guard] then did ask me what was it looking like? I stated to him that we had just gotten over here. [The security guard] stated that he needed to go back to the campus, but how much did he need to bring back with him. I asked, What did he want when he came back? He stated sex, sex, and more sex! I stated that it would be $20, $20, and more $20."

The security guard was arrested for soliciting sex.

ON CLIFTON STREET, a man, age 59, was lying on his back in the middle of the sidewalk -- and yelling. An officer walked over to see if he needed medical attention. "I'm just really shit-faced!" the man yelled. He was arrested for disorderly conduct and taken to Grady Memorial Hospital.

ON SPRINGDALE ROAD, a 77-year-old woman got 10 to 12 phone calls from an unknown man, who made sounds like he was having sex or sexually satisfying himself just by hearing her say hello. No suspects.

ON LANGSTON AVENUE, a 28-year-old woman received countless phone calls from an unknown woman, who just laughs or calls out her name. No suspects.

A MAN WENT TO A SPORTS BAR on Piedmont Road and entered a trivia contest. He won second place, which entitled him to a 50 percent discount on his bar tab. As the night progressed, the man lost his prize receipt. He got mad at the bar employees. He paid his bar tab and started to leave. Then, he turned around and punched the glass out of the front door. The manager asked him to stop and pay for the window. "Fuck you," the man said. He drove away in a blue Jeep.

A 35-YEAR-OLD BALD MAN walked into a grocery store on Joseph P. Lowery Boulevard. This man stuffed 42 toothbrushes inside his shirt, according to the store manager. (Total value: $61.60.) The man was arrested for shoplifting. Police found a crack pipe in his pocket.

A 55-YEAR-OLD MAN said he was walking from the Veteran's Day parade with his dog -- and he was holding up a sign that said, "Bush did 911." He said a man in a dark-colored sedan yelled at him and called him names. The man yelled back and threatened to spit on the dark-colored car. Then, the man jumped out of the dark-colored car and started beating him. He said the man knocked him to the ground and started stomping him, and his shoulder was jerked out of place. Then, the man got back in his dark-colored car and was last seen going north on Peachtree Road.

A SMYRNA WOMAN said her son's father called her at work and said if he had to continue taking their son to school every day, he was going to fuck up and snap, get his gun and shoot her and her boyfriend. The Smyrna woman interrupted him before he could name anyone else. She said her son's father told her that he could not take it. The son lives with his father in Jonesboro.

ONE MORNING, a woman parked her Jeep Cherokee on Edgewood Avenue. When she returned about an hour-and-a-half later, there was a note on her Jeep. The note said she was a "dumbass" and "You don't need two spaces." Also, the car windshield was cracked.

The woman pointed out that the handwriting on the note and some writing in a tan Saturn parked two spaces away were shockingly similar. Police dusted the note for fingerprints.

All items in The Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta Police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.

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