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AN OFFICER WAS WORKING AN OFF-DUTY JOB at a pizza restaurant on Monroe Drive. A man approached the officer and asked, "Do you remember me?" The officer immediately recognized the man because he had written him a ticket for an accident on Juniper and 10th streets. The man said he appreciated the way the officer handled the situation and the officer's demeanor toward him. The man then handed the officer an envelope, which contained a $50 gift certificate to the pizza restaurant. The officer repeatedly said he couldn't accept gratuities. But the man wouldn't take back the envelope. The officer reported the incident and turned in the gift certificate as evidence.

AT A GAS STATION ON NORTH AVENUE, a man tried to use his ATM card to get money -- out of a gas pump. An officer wrote, "I explained to him that he was at a gas pump but [the man, who had no car] was still convinced that it was an ATM and that his ATM card was just not working."

The man needed money to pay his taxi driver. "Finally, he figured it out and paid the taxi driver the full amount but got so angry at the price of $55 that he started to yell and scream at me and the driver," the officer wrote. The officer told the taxi driver to leave. Then, the officer asked the man to stop yelling and to find a way home. "Fuck off," the man replied, adding that he would kick the officer's "pussy ass" and have the officer's job because his father is a colonel in the Army.

The officer arrested the man for disorderly conduct and called an ambulance because the man said his arms hurt. Medics arrived and said the man was fine. The man, age 21, went to jail.

ON SIMPSON ROAD, a 97-year-old woman got several calls from men asking her to wire $600 to Jamaica. The men told the elderly woman that she won $500,000 in a lottery and that she would have to wire them $600 to receive the money -- or be put in jail for six months. One day, the men called again and said they were with the FBI. The elderly woman's nephew listened to the call on another line. The nephew told the men that they weren't the FBI and to quit calling. The men replied, "I will fuck you up! I'll kill you!"

Police told the woman that her local telephone company offered services for phone calls of this nature. The officer also told her to call police if anyone suspicious entered her property. Nothing further.

AN OFFICER saw the driver of a Toyota Corolla make a turn without using a turn signal on Howell Mill Road. The officer stopped the car and spoke with the driver, a 48-year-old woman. The woman said she was a victim of Hurricane Katrina and her driver's license washed away in the storm. The officer ran a check on the woman's ID card. Turns out, she didn't have a driver's license at all. Then, the woman said her driver's license was revoked when she went to prison in 1995. The woman was arrested and taken to jail.

ONE MORNING, a 49-year-old woman went to her church on Wylie Street and discovered items strewn about the lawn. The pastor's business cards were scattered around -- and the cards had different messages written on them, like "Yo 1st lady my Ho Ho." Also, there was an empty Blue Bell ice cream container covered with a clear shower cap. Inside the ice-cream container was a pair of panties (red, white and blue in color), a red necklace, a red bracelet, and an envelope with $100 inside. Also, there was a lighter and a brown cloth bag, and two CD cases (Lil' Kim and Mary Mary).

The woman said the incident stemmed from an altercation between the pastor and her daughter. She said the pastor was given a restraining order to stay away from the church. She said the pastor has called her family and left harassing messages. She said she is afraid of the pastor and wants to prosecute.

The pastor is described as a 32-year-old man with a tattoo of a bulldog.

A WOMAN was sitting on a bench in front of a hotel on Peachtree Center Avenue. She said she had reservations and she was waiting for a limo and Quincy Jones. A hotel employee said she didn't have reservations and asked her to leave. The woman refused to go. She went to jail for trespassing. The woman, age 44, was described as having stubble on her face.

ACCORDING TO AN OFFICER'S WRITTEN REPORT, a 40-year-old woman called police and said that "while driving at the intersection of Glenwood Avenue and Second Avenue in Atlanta, and passing by a gulf course, a gulf ball struck and broke the windshield" of her car. The woman stopped to see who hit the ball "but there were too many people on the gulf course to ask."

AT 3 A.M., a dispute broke out at a diner on Roswell Road. A man, age 20, ate a meal and tried to leave without paying his $47.84 check. The man said he didn't pay the check because he received disrespectful service. Also, he said, the food sucked and was nasty, even though he ate it. A police officer asked him if he had money to pay the check. Yes, the man said. The officer checked: The man had $100 and some loose change in his front pocket. The man went to jail.

All items in The Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.

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