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ON HERMER CIRCLE, an 83-year-old woman got a call from a man who said he was her grandson. He said he was in jail and needed $300 to get out. The elderly woman only had $100. The caller said she should put the money in an envelope. The caller said he would send a cab to her house and she should give the envelope to the person in the cab. A cab arrived, but the elderly woman's husband couldn't get outside in time, and the cab left. The caller phoned again; he was sending another cab. A second cab arrived, and the husband went outside with the envelope. The cab driver said that someone was playing games with the elderly couple and refused to take the envelope. One hour later, the elderly woman got another phone call -- this time, the caller said he was a friend of her grandson and he would come to her house and pick up the money.

Sure enough, a stocky man showed up at the house, and the elderly woman gave him the envelope containing $100. Later, the elderly couple called police and reported the flimflam.

AT THE ATLANTA CITY JAIL, a corrections officer asked a 32-year-old man to leave the jail area -- four times. The man refused to leave and said he wanted to go to jail. Repeatedly, the man said he would do something crazy to go to jail. Eventually, the man was arrested for trespassing. The man said people were after him. "The man would not say who is after him, and there was nobody in the area who stated that they were after [him]," an officer wrote. Medics arrived. The man refused to go to the hospital, and said he had mental problems.

AT LENOX Square, a fight broke out in front of Macy's. A middle-aged man repeatedly hit and pushed two younger men. The middle-aged man said the reason he did it was because one young man spit on the ground in front of Macy's. One young man wanted to prosecute. The middle-aged man replied, "Prosecute? Back when I was growing up, you people didn't do these types of things."

The middle-aged man was arrested for disorderly conduct. He was also banned from Lenox Square for one year.

JUST OUTSIDE THE POLICE PRECINCT on Hosea Williams Drive, a police officer got out of his patrol car. A woman, age 26, walked up to the police officer and offered to give him a blowjob for $10. She said she just needed some money. The woman spoke with a stutter. She was arrested for solicitation.

A MAN walked into the Dunkin' Donuts on Ponce de Leon Avenue and pissed on the floor. Then, he left the Dunkin' Donuts and walked to a nearby bus stop. Police arrived and charged the man, age 51, with urinating in public.

IN LITTLE FIVE POINTS, a man passed out in the post office. He was lying on the floor, blocking an entrance. The man, age 49, smelled of alcohol and had urinated on himself. He went to jail for disorderly conduct.

A PENNSYLVANIA WOMAN said while she was staying at the Omni Hotel, she used the public bathroom. She put down her belongings in the bathroom and fell asleep. Later, a security guard woke her. Then, she realized her wallet and cell phone were missing.

AN ELDERLY MAN put two Christmas reindeers in the front yard of his home on Charter Oak Drive. The next morning, the Christmas reindeers were gone.

A 56-YEAR-OLD MAN from Santiago, Chile, was visiting Atlanta. He went to a bar near his hotel on Peachtree Street. He met a young woman, and they had drinks. She said it was her birthday and suggested they go to his hotel room. According to the man, the young woman was nice and polite and said she was from Alabama. Once they got to his hotel room, the man offered to give her a birthday present. They had sex, and he gave her $170 cash. At about 3 a.m., the man said he was going to sleep because he needed to get up early. "OK, I'm leaving," the woman said. He walked her to the door and kissed her goodbye. The next morning, the man's wallet was gone -- along with $530.

AROUND 7 P.M., police were sent to a bar on Williams Street. During the investigation, a 47-year-old man poured his beer into the patrol car. The man, who hails from Douglasville, was arrested for disorderly conduct.

AN ELDERLY COUPLE got into a fight on Grange Drive. The wife, age 71, was sitting in the living room when her husband walked in and started cursing ("Motherfucking bitch, whore," he said.) The husband was mad because the wife hadn't turned down the lights. The husband and wife retreated to their separate bedrooms. A few minutes later, the husband walked into the wife's bedroom, wielding a golf club. He hit his wife (causing a minor cut), and she disarmed him of the golf club. Then, he grabbed a baseball bat and tried to hit his wife, but she kept him at bay with the golf club.

Police arrived. The husband said he hit his wife with a golf club because she armed herself with a knife. The wife said the only knife she knows about is the one she keeps on her nightstand.

The officer noted that the elderly husband had some memory issues. "I don't know if it was his age or the fact that he was intoxicated," the officer wrote.

The husband was arrested for assault. The wife didn't need medical attention.

Items in The Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta Police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.

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