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At a Buckhead spa, a fight broke out between two female massage therapists. The first masseuse, a 20-year-old woman with a ponytail, set up her stuff in a room assigned to another masseuse. The second masseuse, a 25-year-old woman with a yin-yang tattoo, wasn't too happy about that. So she complained to the manager. The manager said he didn't have time for this. The second masseuse asked the manager to get the other girl out of her massage room. If the manager didn't, she said, she would beat the other masseuse's ass. According to the second masseuse, the manager told her to take the first masseuse to the elevator shaft and beat her ass. She went back to the massage room, discovered that the first masseuse had locked the door. She got in through a side door, grabbed the first masseuse by the ponytail and tried to drag her out of the room. She put her in a headlock and hit her in the back. Another employee broke up the fight. The second masseuse went to jail.

On South Avenue, a 38-year-old woman asked for her dead sister's microwave oven, and her brother got angry and hit her in the face. So she threw a chair at him, but the chair missed her brother and instead hit her twin sister on the hand. There were no injuries and no arrests.

A police officer was sent to deal with a woman who fell asleep in a running car, which was parked at a gas station on Campbellton Road. It took the officer several minutes to rouse her. When the woman finally opened the car door, the smell of booze emerged. She said she had just left a party and stopped at the gas station around 6 a.m. because she was tired. The officer asked her to perform a sobriety test known as the "one-leg stand," where the subject must balance on one leg. The woman replied, "Why would I lift my foot off the ground? I would fall." The woman, a 25-year-old blonde with a tattoo near her navel, was jailed for DUI.

An officer saw a man driving a horse-and-carriage on Peachtree Street. The man rode straight through a red light, making no attempt to stop. The officer wrote, "Because I did not want to scare or upset the horse, after the light turned green, I pulled next to [the man] and asked him why he did not stop at the red light. [The man] then yelled to me in a sarcastic voice, 'I've been doing this for 22 years and no one has ever said anything to me!'" The officer replied, "OK, pull the carriage over." During questioning, the man mumbled some obscenities, which the officer ignored. Then, the man darted across the street and talked to the driver of another car. The officer asked the man to stand by his carriage. The man said he was just talking to his boss lady, and what was the big deal? The officer gave the man a ticket for running a red light. "I'm gonna take care of your ass," the man said. "You fucked with the wrong person." The officer wrote, "I then told (the man) he was free to leave, and he told me to have a terrible day and he hoped the rest of my day sucked."

A tipsy man said his live-in girlfriend stabbed him during an argument about visiting relatives. The man refused to press charges; he said he just wants his cell phone back. The man, age 36, was in stable condition at Grady Hospital when he talked to police. He said he was stabbed with a six-inch chef's knife (His girlfriend works as a cook). Police went to the couple's home on Hillside Drive to talk to the girlfriend. She was tipsy, too. She said she had several drinks before the stabbing occurred, and then she went to bed. Police took her to jail.

On Dupont Avenue, a 41-year-old man said his live-in lover threw an ashtray at him and poured Clorox on his clothes because he wouldn't have sex with him. He said he had to run to avoid being hit by stuff thrown by the lover, a 30-year-old man. The lover's story: The 41-year-old kept asking him if he was seeing someone else. No, the lover said. The lover said his most recent operation won't allow him to have sex at this time, and that's why the 41-year-old was asking these questions. The lover said the 41-year-old kept fucking with him, so he poured Clorox on his clothes and threw them outside. The lover went to jail.

A woman said her office received information about a lady on Regent Street who held several people against their will. The woman went to the house and saw a 78-year-old woman lying in one bed, and a 33-year-old man lying in another. In the corner, was a bucket filled with human feces and urine. An officer arrived and noted that the rest of the house was clean, with the exception of that one room, which had "a loud odor" that was almost unbearable. The room was too small for two people to be living in. Police took the 78-year-old woman to Grady Hospital and left the 33-year-old man in the house, according to his wishes. The 33-year-old man said the caretaker kept him in the room by threatening to call his probation officer on him.

On Beryl Street, a 44-year-old woman said her older brother jimmied the lock on her bedroom door and took two cans of Budweiser that were concealed under her bed. The brother is a drug addict, she said. The brother admitted to stealing the beer in front of family members, and they are willing to testify about the theft, she added. She wants her brother out of the house because he is just taking anything with any value. The officer wrote, "[She] could not give me the cost for the two cans of Budweiser beer."

All items in The Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports and are public record.

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