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On Boulevard, a 38-year-old man said that about two years ago, he and his former lover got into an argument. The lover got upset, took the 38-year-old's pet to the veterinarian and had the animal put to sleep voluntarily. After that ordeal, the 38-year-old moved out. Last month, the 38-year-old relocated to the Boulevard area, and he saw the lover in the area. The lover started sending e-mails saying he knows the 38-year-old's whereabouts. The 38-year-old believes the ex-lover may try to harm his new pet.

A woman has dated a 26-year-old man for three weeks. One night, she felt what appeared to be a bump on his penis. She asked him to show her his penis so she could examine it, and he got angry. According to the woman, he said, "I'm tired of women treating me like this. It is going to end tonight. My daddy is dead, and I would rather lay down with him than let you go. Tonight will be the night. I did not want you to see this side of me. I'm not going through this anymore."

Previously, she said, the boyfriend threatened to kill himself before he let her leave him. Also, the boyfriend tried to convince her to call her husband in Kuwait and say that she was leaving him. She refused. When she tried to leave, he grabbed her arms and her car keys. She was afraid, so she said her chest was hurting. She called 911 and was taken to Southwest Hospital (that was the only way she figured she could get away from the boyfriend without upsetting him). The boyfriend followed her to the hospital in her car. When police arrived, he left. He returned later, and gave the woman's car keys to a man in the waiting room. Then he left again.

A man walked into a convenience store on Metropolitan Parkway. He threw a bottle of Seagram 7 whiskey on the floor and said he wasn't going nowhere until the police showed up. He also threatened to harm himself and others. The reporting officer noted, "When police arrived, nothing violent occurred, but the suspect did state the government is out to get him, but he will get them first." The man was arrested and taken to Grady Hospital's 13th floor for a mental evaluation.

A 57-year-old woman said her former daughter-in-law threatened both her and her son. She said the ex-daughter-in-law knows that she has chronic pain. The daughter-in-law left a threatening letter in her mailbox, which read, "Death death, I hope you and your Mom! Tell the old broke dam bitch that Papa just wanted to speak to her before we got to the mall and movies. He know that she was at the door, that's why the bitch is in pain right today where her hands can't open and won't open up all the way, I could care less about you'll slow-ass family. But my son wanted to see you and your mama slow special ass. But that's why she is paying with her health and so is you. Until you do right by Papa, your luck will be forever fucked up. And your mama, God is dealing with her as well. Do be blessed and always remember Papa knew your Mommy looked out that door that really did hurt him not me, because I care less about both of you sick-ass people. Die Die Die Death Death Death must come upon [the 57-year-old woman]." On the back page: "Bitch, you is a old bitch that will forever be in pain, your health must fell soon. Die bitch because you make [the letter-writer's ex-husband] the sorry-ass man that he is, you should be ashamed."

Police were called to a government building on Englewood Avenue. A man whose job title is listed as "city plant manager supervisor" said an employee threatened to come back and shoot up the place if he was not paid by Christmas. According to the police report, the employee is "working out of class. Therefore, he is actually doing work, and being paid at a lower range. This has been taking place for two years." The employee, age 42, told police: "I asked about my money. They gave me the runaround. So, I said, 'I guess I have to act postal. I'll have to come back and shoot up the place if I don't get my money by Christmas.'" The supervisor said the employee already spoke to someone in the personnel department, who said the matter was being handled. According to the supervisor, the employee didn't say the part about playing "postal." The employee was arrested for disorderly conduct.

On Lanier Street, a 23-year-old woman asked her male friend for money to get an abortion, and he said, "Bitch, I ain't giving you shit." Then he slapped her face, pushed her against a brick wall and threw beer on her. She wasn't injured and refused medical attention. The friend's occupation was listed as "drug dealer."

A woman suspects a minister took advantage of her elderly aunt on Martin Street. She said the minister convinced her aunt to sign over to him the deeds for two of her homes. Now the minister charges the elderly woman rent to live in her own home. Plus, the elderly aunt doesn't have any heat, lights or water in her home. Also, the minister convinced the aunt to co-sign on a $45,000 loan. Police contacted the Department of Family and Children Services about the case.

All items in The Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports and are public record.

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