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On Old Hapeville Road, a 19-year-old woman said her live-in boyfriend, age 20, returned home one morning. He walked into the bedroom and tried to wake her by pulling on her arm. She pushed him away. He got angry and hit her on the leg with a shoe. Then, he took her cell phone and fled. She was advised to take out a warrant. He has "Mr. Bigboy" tattooed on his right arm.

At Hartsfield Airport, an officer saw a woman wearing a police uniform from Vallejo, Calif., checking in at the South Terminal. The officer confronted the woman and asked for her police badge and ID. The officer also asked why she was traveling in uniform. The woman said her badge, ID and gun were in her checked baggage. After the woman said she was flying to Sacramento, Calif., the officer let her proceed.

But then, the officer became suspicious, so he went to the gate where the flight to Sacramento was leaving from. The officer noted, "I proceeded to the gate to question the [woman] and she admitted she was not a police officer and said the uniform she was wearing belonged to a friend of hers ... who is a city of Vallejo police officer." The woman was arrested for imperso nating an officer. The Vallejo Police Department was contacted, and the uniform was turned in as evidence.

A 22-year-old male employee of a bank on Monroe Drive said he was threatened by a man who was attempting to cash a city of Atlanta corrections check. The 22-year-old employee said the check couldn't be cashed because it wasn't issued from the bank. The 22-year-old said the man became angry and told bank employees to come outside and he would "kick your ass." The man had open sores on his face and was wearing a white Olympic sweatshirt. He fled before police arrived.

On Hillard Street, an 85-year-old man said he allows a man in his 30s to pay his taxes and bills for him because he is partially blind and cannot read. This time, the elderly man said, the younger man took about $200 from his hand without his permission. He isn't sure of the younger man's exact address. The elderly man appeared to have an age-related mental impairment.

A 48-year-old woman wearing both a red skirt and black pants walked into a convenience store on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. The female clerk recognized the woman, who had been given a trespassing warning. The clerk told the woman she couldn't come in. The woman said the clerk was stupid, and she was coming in to get what she wanted anyway. The woman walked in, grabbed a 99-cent Hot Pocket sandwich and left. She was promptly arrested.

At Grady Hospital on Butler Street, a nurse reported that a man had gone in and out of several patients' rooms. The man, from Lithonia, was heavyset, missing teeth and had a shoulder scar. When security approached the man, he claimed to be visiting his girlfriend, but there was no one registered at Grady under his girlfriend's name. Security detained the man and found a criminal trespass warning in his file.

A 19-year-old Douglasville woman was leaving a parking lot on Bankhead Highway when a man approached her. He said he was illiterate and needed to find an address. He asked her for a ride to the Bankhead MARTA station. He showed her some money, and said it was $7,000 cash. He said he would take care of her if she helped him out.

She felt sorry for the man, so she decided to give him a ride. He got in the car and flagged another man over. He said the man was his friend in the same situation. The second man got in the car. The Douglasville woman said she always tries to help people, so she let the second man in her car.

The first man said she should hand over her money to him, so no one would take it from her. She complied. When she arrived at the Bankhead MARTA station, the first man grabbed her and pulled five rings off her fingers. The two men fled. The rings were valued at $900; it was unclear how much money she gave the men.

A female employee at a psychological center on Northside Parkway said a thirtysomething Marietta woman, who is a patient, called and asked for a copy of her file and her husband's file. The employee said she could only get a copy of her file. The Marietta woman and her husband are getting a divorce. The employee put the woman's file on top of a cabinet.

The next day, the office was closed. The day after that, the file was gone. The female employee called the Marietta woman, who said she came by while the office was closed and the cleaning crew let her inside. The employee asked the Marietta woman to return the file. The Marietta woman said she didn't have time, and it was hers anyway.

At Hartsfield Airport, a 32-year-old man said he put $1,500 cash and his airline tickets in the pouch on the airline seat in front of him. He then got off the plane, and forgot his tickets and money. When he remembered, the plane had been cleaned and airline personnel could not find the items.

All items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports and are public record.

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