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A 51-year-old Duluth woman was at a church service on Merritts Avenue with her husband. She was proceeding down the church aisle, when suddenly a 53-year-old woman approached her and said, "Yeah, I told him to sit down and told him to shut up." Parishioners intervened and tried to restrain the woman. But the woman pinched the Duluth woman's side and bumped the husband with her chest. No charges were filed.

At Hartsfield Airport, an officer spoke with a female employee of Delta Airlines. She said during a security check, a man told her that he was very upset and that he had a bomb in his bag. The officer spoke with the man, a 30-year-old from Charlotte, N.C., who said he was very upset and when airline employees asked him security questions, he said that he did not have time to put a bomb in his bag. Another person corroborated that the man said he had not had time to put a bomb in his bag. "The statements were the same and [the man] was not put into jail," wrote the officer. Delta refunded his money and told him to find another airline in the morning. The man was upset from the start, noted the officer, but when he was told to cool down, he became apologetic and went to a hotel.

A 39-year-old heavyset woman with missing teeth and strawberry blond hair said her ex-boyfriend stopped by her apartment on North Avenue. "My ex-boyfriend came by, I was on the phone with my sister, he got mad and broke my tooth [dentures] that was in a cup. He left when I called police," she said. The dentures were valued at $700.

A woman entered a car rental company on Courtland Street and asked about renting a car. A male employee said the company couldn't rent a car to her, due to financial reasons. She got upset. The male employee offered to drive her to her home on Peachtree Road, and she accepted. En route, the employee apologized for the denied car rental. Outside her home, the woman exited the car and started spitting and kicking the employee's car. She called the company vice president and said he would be sorry when her husband came home. She also told other employees to kiss her ass for wasting her day.

In an apartment on North Camp Creek Parkway, a 25-year-old woman said her husband threatened to kick the door open, so she opened the door and let him in. Once inside, he picked up their Christmas tree and threw it across the room, damaging the kitchen door and a bookcase. The husband was arrested and taken to jail, but jail officials refused to accept him because he was acting violently, so the officer took him to Grady Hospital.

A 39-year-old woman on Campbellton Road said she occasionally helped out a homeless man who lived in the area. One day, the homeless man came to her door and wanted to use the bathroom. She said no. He asked her for some toilet paper. She unlocked the door and turned to get the toilet paper. The homeless man pulled the door open and grabbed a large black bag and took off. The bag contained her children's Christmas presents, including a children's Bible, a Nerf football, a Triple Play handheld game, a puzzle game and three pairs of white socks.

A 30-year-old man was at his home on Edgewood Avenue at about 1:30 a.m. when he heard a noise outside. He looked out a window and saw two men walking away with his two Christmas wreaths (with red velvet bows). He called out to the men, and they started to run. One wore a beige bomber jacket.

A 42-year-old Conyers woman said she parked her car in a parking lot on Spring Street. Someone broke the rear passenger window and took bags containing 18 items. She said a female security guard witnessed the break-in and approached the suspect, who ran off with the bags. Among the items reported missing by the woman: an engagement ring, a wedding ring, a diamond necklace, $3,400 in cash, a collectible wildlife figurine (bust of a lion with her young) worth $375 and prescription medicine including Soma, Percocet and phenol barbital.

A woman in her 30s, who lives on Carey Drive, was assaulted by a 26-year-old female friend. The 26-year-old friend kicked in the door and assaulted the woman with a knife and scissors. The friend also pulled out some of the woman's hair. The friend blames the woman for the fact that the friend lost her apartment. The woman suffered minor injuries.

On North Terminal Parkway, at Hartsfield Airport, an officer saw a man and two women stop their car in a lane of moving traffic. He asked them to move their car to the curb to unload. The man said, "No, tell me one reason I can't unload here." One of the women, age 30, said, "No, you keep right on unloading. Ignore him." The officer started to give the man a ticket. The woman said, "No, you go right ahead and catch your flight. Ignore him because he is uneducated and he cannot tell you anything." Eventually, the officer handcuffed the man. Then, the second woman hit the officer in the chest. The officer arrested all three of them. They "continued to use profanity and questioned my penis size," the officer reported. The 30-year-old woman said, "We are lawyers, we worked with Johnny Cochran, he'll be here again." She added that she hated this country because so many are uneducated and stupid.

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