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From Oct. 17-20, Atlanta police responded to at least seven calls concerning suspicious letters or unknown substances, from various Atlanta locations ranging from residences to an abortion clinic to a graphic design firm.

One example: A 31-year-old woman purchased a DVD and opened it two days after the purchase. When she opened the DVD, it had white powder on it and it was a MSN Microsoft Internet access DVD, and it was supposed to be a Jackie Chan movie, she said. The Atlanta fire department responded and bagged the item three times and turned it over to an investigator, and police secured the area on Cleveland Avenue.

Two officers were running a speed laser on I-75. One officer tracked a Ford Mustang going 80 mph. The officers stopped the car at the West Paces Ferry exit. The driver, a 24-year-old man, produced a Saudi Arabian international driver's license and a U.S. military identification card. "We asked the driver what branch of the military it was for and he did not know," wrote the reporting officer. The officers checked the license on databases out of Georgia and Texas, and received no indications that he was wanted or had a file.

The officers called a sergeant about the situation and gave information from the driver's military ID. The sergeant attempted to confirm the driver's information via the telephone. "The driver also gave us a file which contained his military orders. The orders indicated he was to report to Fort Gordon, Ga., for basic signal school," wrote the officer.

The sergeant advised that Fort Gordon could verify none of the driver's information. The sergeant "also advised that the suspect's name closely matched a name on the terrorist watch list," according to the police report. The driver was handcuffed and put in a patrol car. The driver gave a telephone number for the Defense Language Institute at Lackland Air Force Base. The driver's information then was verified through Lackland that he was supposed to be transferring to Fort Gordon. "The suspect is a Saudi Arabian military officer who is attending schools from the U.S. Army," according to the report. The driver allowed officers to search his car, which contained only personal items and clothes.

After his information and military travel orders were confirmed, the driver received a speeding ticket.

A 40-year-old woman on Olympian Way said she moved most of her household goods, but had to leave her air conditioner window units, china cabinet, curtains and blinds. She returned the next day around 5:30 p.m. The back door was open and the remainder of her belongings were gone, so she called police.

The reporting officer noted, "She asked me not to put that messy fingerprint powder on her wood."

A 32-year-old woman with strawberry blond hair was in the bathroom at a nightclub on Piedmont Road. Another woman tried to get into the bathroom. She also had strawberry blond hair.

When the second woman couldn't get into the bathroom, she pushed her way in and attacked the 32-year-old woman, leaving bruises on her neck and three bite marks on her shoulders and back. The 32-year-old woman didn't know the second woman, who was described as having "no teeth" in the police report.

An officer spoke with a 25-year-old man, who said he had loaned his Techwood CD stereo system to a 21-year-old woman for a party. The woman was throwing a birthday party for her boyfriend/child's father, who is also the 25-year-old's best friend. The woman became upset when the boyfriend didn't show up for his own birthday party, which she had spent money on. So she put the stereo on her porch on Thomasville Boulevard and said someone stole it.

The heavyset woman confirmed to police that she put the stereo outside and it was gone now and "basically she didn't care because [the 25-year-old] should have located her boyfriend and made sure he was at the party," wrote the reporting officer.

An officer saw a 23-year-old woman in a short black dress walking up and down Metropolitan Parkway. She stopped in front of a Chevy Caprice, which then pulled into a parking lot. The officer approached in his patrol car, and the Chevy sped away. The officer asked the woman for some identification.

She had her ID in a brown paper bag with 16 Lifestyles lubricated latex condoms inside. The woman said she was going to a friend's house, but couldn't remember the address. She was arrested for "pedestrian soliciting a ride."

While in the back of the patrol car, the woman started yelling. According to the officer, she "told me that she earns more money than I do by sucking dick."

The 16 condoms were turned into the property room at the jail.

An officer responded to an alarm call at a residence on Meldon Avenue. When he arrived, he met the keyholder, a 42-year-old man. The man said his side window was broken and the burglar bars were ripped off. The only missing items were five frozen hams (worth $75). There are no suspects.

At an apartment complex on Seaboard Avenue, a 67-year-old woman said a man knocked on her door, posing as a maintenance worker for the apartment. She let the man in, thinking he had come there to repair items. She said the man walked around the apartment, making comments such as "It would be nice to have that," or "I sure like that [item]." He walked into her bedroom and obtained her daughter's phone number, which was written on the mirror of her dresser.

No items were taken. She described him as wearing a ball cap, jeans and a plain- colored shirt.

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