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An officer was flagged down by a 19-year-old woman at the intersection of Ashby Street and Sells Avenue. The woman said she was walking down the street when a man, age 46, used both his hands to grab and fondle her breasts.

When the officer asked the man about the incident, the man said he was just looking for Tiger Woods.

A 28-year-old woman was walking her dog at about 7:30 p.m. near her home on South Gordon Street. During her walk, she passed another house at which several people were sitting on the porch, and they appeared to be drinking alcohol. The woman said a 50-year-old man wearing nothing but a pair of red shorts began to bark at her dog. According to the woman, the man said, "I sure wish I was your dog." He added that he liked her breasts.

The woman entered the front yard of the home and asked the man to not use crude comments toward her.

The woman said a second man, age 58, then stated he was going to beat the woman and her dog. The second man said he didn't like people coming down from the North trying to do what they wanted here in the South.

The woman said she was going to call police. The first man said, Go ahead and call your people and I'll bring 10 people to hurt you.

An officer arrived and interviewed both men. The first man denied making any comments toward the woman, and said he and his friend were only barking at the woman's dog. The second man appeared drunk, and said he wasn't going to talk to the officer.

A female witness on the porch said she didn't hear any sexual comments made toward the woman, and the men were only barking at the dog. During her statement, the first man interrupted and commented that Northerners attempt to run the South, and the woman needed to keep her dog in her house.

No charges were filed. But the officer instructed both men to avoid speaking with the woman, and to refrain from barking at her dog.

A 36-year-old woman said she had been hanging out for about three days with this guy she met. The woman said she worked for a temporary service. She said the man gave her a bag of his belongings to hold onto. She took the bag to work and put it on top of her locker. Someone stole the bag.

The woman said that when she told the man that the bag was stolen, he threatened to kill her.

The woman then said that while she was lying down in front of City Hall, the man approached her and said, "I'll stump your ass in the ground right now."

The woman said she got up and ran to the Kroger on Central Avenue, but the man chased her with a blade. She told a security guard at Kroger about the situation, but the security guard did nothing, she says.

The woman told police that the man keeps a blade in his mouth at all times, and that's why he holds his mouth the way he does.

Police searched the area, but didn't find the man.

An officer was dispatched to Main Street to settle a dispute between neighbors. A 51-year-old woman said she wanted her 24-year-old female neighbor arrested because the neighbor was using a mirror and the sun to shine light into her apartment. The officer told the 51-year-old that nothing criminal had taken place, and that he couldn't arrest her neighbor.

The officer then started to speak with the neighbor.

The 51-year-old then asked for a police supervisor. When a sergeant arrived at the scene, the 51-year-old said her neighbor stated that she would rip someone's heart out.

No charges were filed.

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