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The Blotter: Dancing feet

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RIVERDANCE REJECT? Around 4 p.m., a middle-aged man was allegedly waving a wooden cross at passing cars at the intersection of Freedom Parkway and Boulevard. Police ordered him to leave. So he left. Apparently, this wannabe performer was not to be stifled. About three hours later, the man returned to the same spot but this time, he allegedly danced and made gestures at passing cars. This time, police arrested the 49-year-old man for disorderly conduct and "pedestrian in the roadway."

IF THE SHOE FITS: A 25-year-old man, who says he is a sound engineer for a recording studio, said his home on Paul Avenue was robbed. "His front door had been kicked in," the officer wrote. "There were shoe prints in multiple places." The man said the burglary happened while he was sleeping at night. "I found it suspicious that he did not wake up when the door was kicked in," the officer wrote. The officer asked whether he had any sleep disorders, or took any medication or alcohol that night. No, the man said. The man reported only one thing stolen: a pair of blue jean shorts, with $3,200 cash in the pocket. He said the shorts had been near his bed (a mattress on the floor), and no one knew he had the cash.

The officer was suspicious of the man's story. The man's home also contained a flat-panel TV, several pieces of music-recording studio equipment, a guitar and a laptop computer – none of which were disturbed, the officer noted. Also, the man's landlord said the man had called and said he no longer felt safe and could not keep living in the home. (He just moved in two days ago).

The officer compared the shoe prints on the door to the shoes on the man's feet. "It appeared to be an exact match. He willingly took his shoes off," the officer wrote. Also, police allegedly found 16 small plastic bags – some of which had marijuana residue – in the man's bedroom. Police asked for permission to search the man's room on Spink Street (where he was still moving out). There, the officer opened a Prada shoebox and "was immediately hit with the strong odor of raw marijuana," he wrote. The shoebox allegedly contained more than 430 grams of suspected marijuana. The man went to jail on charges of falsely reporting a crime, and suspected marijuana possession.

SCREW THE WEDDING SINGER? A woman said she got a $600 bad check for singing at a wedding on Peachtree Street. She said a female suspect forged the signature on the check.

HOT POCKET MISHAP, PART 1: Around 4 a.m. at a grocery store on Ponce de Leon Avenue, a man allegedly tried to leave with items stuffed under his shirt. A security guard saw the man holding his stomach and walked up. The man said his stomach hurt. The security guard questioned him, and the man revealed the items under his shirt: a frozen pizza, some salmon burgers, and some ham-and-cheese pocket sandwiches. The man said he had been drinking earlier, and now he'd done something stupid. "He stated he had money to pay for the items, but was being stupid by not paying for them," an officer wrote. The food totaled $11.02. Police arrested the 20-year-old man for shoplifting. He hails from Lawrenceville.

HOT POCKET MISHAP, PART II: A 24-year-old woman said she bought a Hot Pocket meal at a grocery store on Holly Street. She said when she got home, she realized the Hot Pocket had mold on it. "She stated this is not the first time this has happened," the officer wrote.

MONEY FOR NOTHING: A 70-year-old man said another man aggressively asked him for a dollar on Broad Street. The 70-year-old man said he refused to give him a dollar, so the suspect threw food on him. Police arrested him for disorderly conduct.

SO FRESH AND SO CLEAN: A middle-aged man allegedly tried to steal $65 worth of deodorants, body sprays and gels from a CVS Pharmacy on Broad Street. A security guard said the man fought with him when he tried to stop him. Apparently, the same man had been previously arrested for stealing similar items from the same CVS. Also, he got a trespassing warning there last November.

STUPID MOVE OF THE WEEK: A 41-year-old man said he parked his car at a gas station on Cheshire Bridge Road and ran inside. He said when he returned, his car window was broken -- and $5,000 cash was missing from his car. He said the $5,000 had been concealed underneath the driver's seat, and he had just withdrawn the cash from a bank. Also, he said the suspect drove away in a green Ford Explorer. (The Blotter Diva must say: I would not leave $5 alone in a car on Cheshire Bridge Road, not to mention $5,000.)

PEOPLE STEAL WEIRD STUFF: A 36-year-old man said he was taking a shower in his apartment on Main Street, when someone stole his wheelchair. He said his motorized wheelchair is worth about $1,500 and its brand name is Active Care Renegade.

Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words. Want more? Listen to the Blotter Diva on 92.9's (Dave FM) "The Zakk Tyler Morning Show" every Tuesday between 6:30-7 a.m.

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