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The Black and Whites




Ramones worship aside, the debut full-length from Oxford, Miss.'s the Black and Whites offers a powerful blast of punk rock party anthems. The album covers the bases: break-ups, debauchery and young angst. But these guys couldn't care less about their problems. When vocalist Talbot Adams sings "I can't date multiple girls," in "Multiple Girls," there's no question his songs are based on real-life revelations.

From the opening power chug of "I Need A Good Girl" to the twisted melodies of "Taca 69," the B&Ws indulge in the age-old practice of giving a jolt of electricity to bubble-gum rock, and it works; the album is all about having fun. Ironically, "Party Time" overdoes it with the brew-ha-ha, but it's the only speed bump on an otherwise unstoppable album. 4 stars.

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