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The art of the mix



THE DIGS: M!X Lounge, Bar & Restaurant, 1441 Dresden Drive, Suite 100. 404-969-3250.

THE DRINK: Creamsicle Kool M!X martini

MIXOLOGY: The Creamsicle Kool M!X martini -- made of Stoli Vanil, heavy cream and orange Kool-Aid mix -- offers equal parts froth and frost. This Kool M!X martini is like a Stewart's Orange 'n Cream soda but trading bubbles for buzz.

VIBE: Whereas partner restaurant Haven is an earthy, romantic couple's loft, M!X is a swinger's lair. From the coquettish crimson conversation pit to the ripply banquettes and engorged pendant lighting along the fascial bar where people "mix it up," M!X is a voyeuristic vista. And what's more sexual than "sharing" plates. Add in the sweet cocktails to make any moves on a date more ... fluid.

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