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That our street characters are committed



Atlanta is blessed with a rich and colorful array of street characters — many of whom would make great action figures — that keep the rest of us working stiffs on our toes, be it Bicycle Shorts Man, Baton Bob, the Urban Cowboy, Ronnie (even though he cut off that one gigantic pancake dreadlock, or maybe it fell off), the guy with all the dogs wearing the sunglasses, or the creepy Silence of the Lambs guy who shows up at any and all public gatherings in Virginia-Highland or Little Five Points, dancing in a grass skirt and wielding a Shake Weight. They're the ones who make a day in the life in the South's most non-pedestrian-friendly city exciting and surreal. They walked these mean streets long before your corporate job relocated you to Alpharetta and they'll be here long after you get transferred to wherever it is you're going.

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