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Thanks for the giving and taking it

MJQ, Vino Libro and lots of libations



Some people celebrate Thanksgiving with turkey and cranberry dressing, others Wild Turkey and a cran chaser. Some celebrate with pinot, others penis. My week somehow involved all these and more. I just give thanks I didn't have to taste it all, though I did end up unbuttoning my pants and reclining ... on MJQ's dance floor. Like Rick James always said, "Bitch! Tryptophan is a hell of a drug."

Of course, the evening began less in the gutter and more in the stars. Sometimes I forget Atlanta has a skyline, and one sporting bling at that. This one rare night riding rear gunner, I didn't neglect the journey for the destination and saw through the smog before returning to a self-induced haze. So gilded capitol and gleaming spires, I salute you, even if you did threaten to kill me once. But who hasn't ended a night on mescaline with paranoid delusions of inanimate objects. All I wanted was a Pepsi, just one Pepsi...

This night, however, the beverage of choice was wine. Only a few years ago, I was barely a pre-oenophile, and now I'm more a concentrated pinotphile. All it took was a healthy curiosity and a hearty bladder -- just like my summer playing watersports.

Our party of bon vivants -- l.z.beth, the Persian Surgeon and myself -- satisfied this night's cravings visiting Glenwood Park's Vino Libro. A steady ebb and flow of what felt like low-key neighborhood dwellers trickled through the Fabergé village. The surroundings have a pristine, West Village movie-set feel. And the Libro bistro itself offers a diffused living -- but not romper -- room for both the prone and poised, where on this occasion at least discreet conversation was broken only by the celebratory clink of glass. Though I'll admit we neglected to discuss the wines' merits in between ribald discussions of boys and toys. You know how us girls get when together...

Perhaps in Thanksgiving's honor, one of my friends was later offered a stuffin'. While on a rare visit (for me) to the Local, l.z.beth ran into two recent, almost concurrent conquests, and before leaving for MJQ was offered the "Double Unicorn." While I'm still unraveling exactly what that provides, I believe it's either they were offering to become erect and "cross horns" while placing testicles simultaneously over her mouth and eyes ooor they wanted to merge into a uni-cornhole. You never know what style of sweet sickness is going on between those skater types, brosef...

So now we come full circle to my own public pants-off dance-off. And you know why you should give thanks? Because I have pictures and have chosen not to share them. Cheers...

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