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Syrens of the South

Burlesque production company makes its debut


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Burlesque production company Syrens of the South makes its debut with a "Speakeasy Night" of art and performance at the Highland Inn Saturday, Aug. 18. Burlesque performers from across the Southeast will join the Syrens of the South, Veronica Lashe and Talloolah Love, a recently formed "sister act" of two Atlanta-based dancers. In the burlesque-themed list below, Lashe made the first three picks, and Love chose the rest. (I wonder if there's a message in the fact that Love follows Lashe?)

Oscar: "This 1991 movie takes a great comedic look into the 1930s life of Angelo 'Snaps' Provolone, played by Sylvester Stallone. Loosely based on Mozart's Marriage of Figaro with an amazing supporting cast that includes Tim Curry and Marisa Tomei, this is a hilarious period piece."

"Carnivale": "HBO's amazing television series from 2003-2004 was tragically cut short after only two seasons. Set at a traveling 'Carnivale' during the Depression, the show depicts the fight between good and evil with occasional breaks for 'dancing the Cooch.'"

Hey, Sailor! by Eight to the Bar: "This CD is listed as jazz but has a great, upbeat swing feel, heavily influenced by 1940s big band. It's a toe-tapping, scatting good time, perfect for someone who longs to drive around in a vintage car with the top down in summer."

Gypsy: A Memoir of Gypsy Rose Lee: "This is a great reference for the period of vaudeville's decline and the rise of burlesque. Filled with light humor and period photographs of Lee's broad spectrum of talent and descriptions of her illustrious burlesque career, this entertaining book not only comments on her life, but also looks into a period of American history."

The Serpent Dance by the Voodoo Organist: "This dark and capricious CD makes an ideal soundtrack for a carnival creep show. Scott 'The Voodoo Organist' Wexton has pipes that sound like they were scorched by the devil himself."

Mrs. Henderson Presents: "This beautifully shot film from 2005 features beautiful cinematography, the acting talents of Bob Hoskins and Judi Dench, and some of the better modern representations of the hair, clothing and makeup of the 1940s in its portrayal of war-torn London."


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