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Sylvie Fortin

Art Papers editor-in-chief



With the recent award of a prestigious $100,000 Warhol Foundation grant to Art Papers, this editor-in-chief is riding high at the Atlanta-based art magazine.

1) Smart publishers like JRP/Ringier, Lukas & Sternberg and Revolver: "I just love their books because they're always timely, rigorous and prospective. They also look great and they're affordable."

2) Grant Park: "Where else can you hear elephant calls when you're out on your morning jog? Starlet O'Hara, Victoria and Zambezi, the Atlanta Zoo's three elephant residents, are very communicative! Best place to live in Atlanta."

3) Carbon footprint reduction: "A few months ago, I ditched my car -- they're so early-20th-century. Try it, it's very liberating. MARTA does work. I love walking and biking downtown. Atlanta has got to catch up on recycling and energy-efficient housing -- we lag behind irresponsibly."

4) John Fluevog shoes rule!: "Speaking of walking, why not do it in style?"

5) Atlanta's newfound aspiration to cultural leadership: "There's a certain buzz at the moment. Let's insist that it be more than spring fever. Make your voice heard. Tell officials that you want access to today's best art. Culture matters. Demand excellence; we deserve no less."

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