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Susan Bridges, Inman Park

A refurbished Victorian that also harbors Whitespace Gallery in the former carriage house

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Age: Young at heart
Job: Owner/director of Whitespace Gallery
Rent or own? Own
Price: Bought for less than $50K in 1971, and even then it was too much. It was a horrible neighborhood back then, and there were 35 people living in this house.

How many creatures live here?
The number of people changes on a daily basis — I've been told I run a high-class flop house. I have one dog that my daughter rescued from New Orleans and one cat. I also have a friend who visited a year and a half ago who is still here.

Where did you find the pieces for this room?
I inherited a lot of antiques from my family. The table is a Parsons table. The chairs are from a dear friend who passed away. The artwork is from the artists I rep, and all the pieces are for sale.

What's your favorite design element in this room?
The abstract painting by Tommy Taylor. Tommy Taylor is one of the best painters in Atlanta. He's extremely intuitive. Tommy and I are working on an abstract mural on the whole side of a building, a dry cleaners, on Elizabeth Street and Lake Avenue.

What's your decorating philosophy?
Putting together pieces you like and not to be afraid of large pieces. Go for a large piece, it won't overwhelm a room. Basically everything is for sale.

If your room had a theme song, what would it be?
"Close your eyes"

What's your favorite thing about Atlanta?

Trees. The fact that we live in a garden.

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