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A woman clutching a motorcycle helmet and a video-camera was strolling down the middle of I-20, walking headlong into traffic. "She seemed very focused and oblivious to the interstate traffic," wrote the officer, who stopped to help her. "Don't touch me!" the woman screamed. The officer pulled out his Taser and ordered her to comply. They sat in his patrol car for a chat. "She told me I could drug-test her and that she was looking for her memory card (from the video-camera). She said that what was on the memory card was more important than her life," the officer noted. Also, she said earlier, she was riding her motorcycle, but it broke down. The officer wrote, "She started talking about people hacking into her grandmother or mother's computer and people following her around."

Police found her damaged motorcycle on 1-20 and moved it to a safer location. The woman, age 41, was charged with pedestrian violations.

At the police precinct, officers found large amounts of electrical equipment stuffed into pouches strapped around the woman's waist. Two bags of electrical equipment were attached to her motorcycle. At the precinct, "She started speaking into one of the little hand-held voice recorders, telling it what was happening to her now." When she lifted up her arms, officers saw little cuts on her stomach and chest — some fresh cuts, some old cuts. Also, she had carved three people's names into her left leg (old cuts). The woman said one name belonged to an ex-boyfriend. The woman "seemed to have a lot of insight into herself but she kept going back to people having herself and her family under surveillance," the officer noted. She kept saying she needed to get back to I-20 to search for her missing memory card. At this point, police decided the best place for her was Grady's psych ward.

HE FOUGHT THE LAW — AND WON: Around 1:30 a.m. Atlanta police responded to a call from a Fulton County Sheriff's Deputy, requesting help. The sheriff's deputy, a 31-year-old woman, explained that she's having problems with her ex-boyfriend. She said around 1 a.m. she drove to a location near Niskey Lake to meet an ex-boyfriend and talk about their relationship issues. As they sat in the car together, the conversation quickly disintegrated into an argument, with both parties screaming at each other. According to the woman, her ex-boyfriend grabbed her purse, hopped out of the car and ran away. She jumped out of the car and chased him on foot. She said her ex-boyfriend circled around her car, hopped into the driver's seat, and drove away in her new black Ford without her permission. It gets worse: Her work gear was in the car, her gun, bulletproof vest, Fulton County Duty Belt. Also, the woman said, her iPhone was in the car, along with her Gucci purse, containing 4,000 cash. (That's a hefty sum for a sheriff's deputy to take to a meeting with an ex-boyfriend.)

Eventually, the ex-boyfriend called and agreed to meet her on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive to return her car. The woman went there and waited for about 20 minutes — no sign of the ex-boyfriend — so she called Atlanta police.

An officer arrived to take the report. While he was there, the ex-boyfriend called the woman's friend and said he left her black Ford on Country Club. The woman went there and inspected her car — it was perfectly fine. Her work gun and bulletproof vest were still there. However, the woman said, her Gucci purse filled with $4,000 cash and her purple iPhone were no longer in the car.

DRIVING FORCE: A Douglasville woman said her 11-year-old son went to start her car — like he always does — to cool down the car's interior. Somehow the car hurled across the parking lot, slamming into a staircase and an apartment wall. According to the 11-year-old boy, he started his mom's car, then hopped into the back seat to play his video game — when a strange man dressed in black and white hopped into the car and drove it into the building. This strange man (possibly imaginary) disappeared before anyone else ever laid eyes him. Absolutely no one living in the apartments saw this man. Police didn't buy the kid's story, either. They filed the report as Damage to property to mom's silver Acura.

BALLSY REQUEST: Near East Atlanta, a young man was allegedly begging for money outside a gas station. An officer stopped and ordered him to leave the area — giving him a criminal trespass warning. The man said, "I don't have my ID on me and I was robbed when I was in Ohio and they took everything." The officer explained that he cannot panhandle in Atlanta. The man replied, "Well, why don't you give me some money or something or get me something out the store? Stunned, the officer said, "Are you serious, sir?" The man replied, "Hell yeah, I'm serious, and some money would be nice." The man, age 20, went to jail, charged with soliciting money.

Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.


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