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Super Chron Flight Brothers Indonesia



The mucky, conspiratorial milieu of stoner-rappers Super Chron Flight Brothers less resembles Devin the Dude than, say, erstwhile fellow New York hip-hop duo Cannibal Ox. In fact, Super Chron's newest album, Indonesia, was produced by Northern California beatmaker Marmaduke, who appeared on Cannibal Ox alum Vordul Mega's 2008 record Megagraphitti. Indonesia is similarly dense and apocalyptic-feeling like that album, with bits of electronica, dub and samples from the Smiths thrown in. It's not as immediately rewarding as Super Chron's 2007 debut, Emergency Powers, however, which featured guest spots and production from folks like MF Doom and underground super group the Reavers. Here, it's just brothers Priviledge and Billy Woods on the vocals, and the wordplay and punch lines have been largely pushed aside in favor of half-sung bits, eerie effects and ambient sounds. It may be stoner music, but don't be too high when you listen or you might find yourself a bit spooked. 3 out of 5 stars

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