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ATLANTA GOSPEL HOUR -- After six years at Burkhart's Pub, Morticia DeVille and the Gospel Echoes move their gay/gospel cabaret to the Midtown Caribbean restaurant's upstairs Mambo Room, where they'll perform every Sunday starting tonight. Bridgetown Grill (Sarig)

WYNTON MARSALIS -- Wynton Marsalis returns to Symphony Hall, this time trading his baroque fluglehorn for a jazz trumpet. This musical chameleon, who goes from Bach to Brubeck with surprising ease, will be bringing along his colleagues from the Lincoln Center Jazz Ensemble. Symphony Hall (Brown)

NEEDLE EXCHANGE BENEFIT -- Flathead Mike and the Mercurys, the Rock City Drop-Outs and Stool Sample play a benefit for the Atlanta Harm Reduction Center's needle exchange program and efforts to curb the spread of HIV. Rounding out the evening, the Awalim Bellydancing Troup performs as well. Star Bar (Sarig)

ORRIN STAR -- Picking around the country for almost 30 years, Brooklyn's Orrin Star dazzles on the mandolin, guitar and banjo. This former National Flatpicking Championship winner's smoothness on the strings is matched only by the sweetness of his voice. Red Light Cafe (Prusin)

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