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Summing up 2006

A look at the numbers



Approximate number of attendees at Coretta Scott King's funeral in February: 10,000

Number of hours it took jurors to decide to give James Sullivan life in prison without parole for the two-decade-old murder of his socialite wife: 4.5

The amount that former Atlanta Mayor Bill Campbell must pay in back taxes as a result of his conviction on tax-evasion charges: $62,823

The former mayor's starting hourly wage in prison camp: $0.12

Number of days after U.S. Rep. Cynthia McKinney scuffled with a U.S. Capitol police officer in March that she apologized on the House floor: 8

Estimated number of protestors who took to the streets on April 10 to oppose the state's draconian immigration bill: 50,000

Amount of cocaine, in grams, that famed Atlanta music producer Dallas Austin was carrying when he was arrested at the Dubai airport in June: 1.26

Approximate time, in minutes, that GOP Lt. Gov. candidate Ralph Reed spent conceding to Casey Cagle, his opponent in the primary elections: 5

Number of months mega-club Vision was open after its $2 million dollar renovation before closing its doors in August: 13

Number of acres developer Wayne Mason offered to donate to the Beltline project before he pulled out of the deal in late September: 43

Number of days after its birth that the panda cub at Zoo Atlanta received a name: 100

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