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Summer Guide Contest: Mixtape winner

The Local Artist Mixtape



Jeffrey Butzer – "Theme for a Tailor"

The Black Lips – "Veni Vidi Vici"

Gentleman Jesse – "Don't Wanna Know"

Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun – "Like It Or Not"

Judi Chicago – "Mad Apes"

Gentleman Jesse – "All I Need Tonight (Is You)"

The Coathangers – "Stop Stop Stompin'"

Noot d' Noot – "Fingers Like Steeples"

The Barreracudas – "Dog Foods"

Thy Mighty Contract – "Conjugal Freelance"

Club Awesome – "Give It All Up"

Modern Skirts – "Like Lunatics"

Judi Chicago – "Fun City"

The Black Lips – "Bad Kids"

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