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At an East Atlanta tavern, a 63-year-old man was hanging out with a much younger crowd. Around 2:30 a.m., he tried to pay his bar tab, but his credit card was declined. According to the police report, the bar manager said the man threatened to "bust my head" and "fuck me up" if the credit card wasn't immediately returned. Apparently, the man's salty words got him sympathy from a stranger. A lady offered to pay his $15.50 tab and handed over her credit card. Even after the kind lady paid his tab, the man continued to threaten the bar manager with physical harm. Finally, the owner of the bar asked the man to leave. When the bouncer walked over, the man suddenly whipped out a Taser and tased the bouncer several times. The bar owner kicked the man, trying to get the Taser away. The man retaliated by tasing the bar owner's hand five or six times.

The bouncer, owner, and manager teamed up and tackled the man, holding him until police arrived. A cop quickly handcuffed the man, noting, "He continued to try to use his Taser on anything near him." The cop searched the man and found marijuana in his pocket. He went to jail on numerous charges. The bar owner said his hand was numb from being tased so many times.

Charging the wrong guy: Two officers responded to a domestic dispute on Atwood Street. A 50-year-old man said his stepson tried to punch him in the eye, took a knife, and ran into his bedroom. Cops knocked on the stepson's door several times, but there was no answer. The cops opened the bedroom door and found the 21-year-old stepson lying in bed with a blanket over his body and his hands tucked between his legs. According to the police report, the cops asked him to "show us his hands and drop any weapon that he may have." The stepson leapt off the bed and tackled one officer to the ground. The second officer told the stepson to stop fighting and warned that he was about to fire his Taser. The officer was about two feet away from the stepson when he fired the Taser — but he accidentally tased his partner.

"During the discharge of the Taser, one line struck officer on the right hand and the second line struck the accused on the right upper side of his back," the officer wrote. The stepson went to jail on disorderly conduct charges.

Extension tensions: A 29-year-old woman said she bought a virgin Brazilian body wave hairpiece worth $243 from a beauty supply store in Atlanta. When she arrived home in Conley, she said she noticed the hairpiece was damaged because it wasn't "wavy" like it was supposed to be. Six days later, she drove back to the beauty supply store and tried to exchange the virgin hairpiece for a properly wavy one.

The manager refused the exchange the hair piece because the woman didn't have a receipt. The woman claimed she had paid cash, so there wasn't a credit card number to track. Furious, the woman called police to the store and demanded a wavy virgin hairpiece. The cop patiently listened to her tangled story. The cop said no crime occurred in the hairpiece hullabaloo, so he advised the woman to take up the matter in civil court.

Shopper outrage, part 1: A man smoking a cigarette walked into West End Mall. A security guard asked him to leave because smoking isn't allowed inside the mall. The man started screaming at the security guards as if he were trying to scare them. Freaked, the security guards called police. When an officer arrived, the man was still going strong. He kept "screaming at mall security and in the process, urinated and defecated on himself," the officer noted. The man, 59, went to jail on multiple charges.

Shopper outrage, part 2: A woman said she walked into a salon on Lee Street to get a manicure. When she sat down in a chair, an open bottle of nail polish fell over and dripped onto her brown crocodile-and-leather boots. "She stated that the employees would not help her clean it off," an officer noted.

The salon employees denied her story. "The employees said they don't have the proper chemicals to safely remove nail polish off of 'crocodile/leather' boots, so they offered her the sink filled with water," the officer wrote. The officer calmly explained that no real crime had occurred, so the woman could pursue the matter in civil court. The woman pouted and kept ranting about her $175 boots.

Half-baked logic: Near West End Mall, a 66-year-old man flagged down an officer and said he "was trying to buy some weed" when the drug dealer stole his money. The cop explained that the man could not report a crime while he was in the process of committing a crime. "The man was not happy with [what] I told him so he walked off and said he would call another officer," the officer wrote. The man flagged down another cop and tweaked his story: Now he said he was robbed while trying to buy cigarettes. The first cop interrupted and said the man had already stated he had been trying to buy weed. According to the police report, the 66-year-old man pointed his finger at the cop and told him "to get the fuck out of here, demon." Also, the man threatened to beat the cop's ass. He went to jail.

Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.

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