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What should a girl expect on Valentine's Day?

Stefanie: The absolute least I expect is a dozen roses delivered to me at work. You don't want to be the girl who doesn't get the dozen roses. I hate Valentine's Day. I've had relationships where the guy didn't really do anything, like he got me a card and that was it and I did a lot for him. I learned my lesson. Happy Valentine's Day, honey!

Taniqua: Some type of jewelry, some flowers. Maybe I'll pay for dinner, but if I don't get anything, I'm not paying for any dinner. We've been dating for a year, so I'm expecting something. Last year he got me shoes. They were OK but this year it should be more than shoes. Shoes get worn down. I want something that lasts longer than shoes. A bracelet, a necklace would be nice.

Marta: I expect a card, flowers and a little gift, and time and devotion. By time and devotion, I mean somebody should have no agenda for the evening other than just being with me Actually, I hate Valentine's Day. It's the worst holiday ever. Even though I expect those things, I never seem to get it. This year I plan on giving all those things to myself. I am my own Valentine.


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