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As an artist, how did you enjoy the Dogwood Festival?


Lynn, Woodstock, Ill.: Atlanta is a terrific town. The people come into the booth and are very friendly and engaging; they're very curious about your work. When you get into the Midwest, they're very reticent. If somebody comes into the booth and you look at them, they leave -- there's no exchange. The minute you smile and say hello, the body stiffens, and I just can't deal with it. Traditionally we've done well here, but this year has been the best.

Maurice, Birmingham, Ala.: There's no other market like [Atlanta] in the South. It's so diverse; people in Atlanta just love art. Any show in Georgia is a good show. You can go to Climax, Ga., and you'll sell some art. I think people in Georgia have been exposed to more than the normal bullshit of the South. In Alabama, we thrive on that same bull. Whereas in this place, they've moved far and gone on and did what they need do to make life better for everybody -- and that flows over to the art.

Jerry, Austin, Texas: Atlanta reminds me a lot of Austin. The hills, the trees and, of course, the people -- they're hipsters. A lot of times, when we go to free shows, we get a lot of people who aren't used to buying art and the prices freak them out. I don't see that here. I don't hear, "Golly, $30 for a nightlight!" Here it's, "Wow, that's reasonable. I'll take two."


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