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Do you look forward to local Academy Awards parties?


Alex: Not particularly. It's pretty much a B-scene kind of crowd. People who are aspiring to be something, or think they're something, are usually the people you see -- so it's really not my scene. I've been to a couple of them. It's the $30,000 millionaire crowd; they're really stuck-up, snotty kinds of people. A majority of them aren't making as much money as they'd like other people to think they were making -- the crowd that wears sunglasses to the bars every night.

Alli: Every year, I go to an Academy Awards party. Hollywood is our American royalty. This is their work and this is what they do, so we might as well respect and enjoy what they do. And the parties are a great excuse to get together and see who's wearing what, and who wins. I always have a good time. Wear your Oscar de la Renta and eat your Oscar Meyer weiner -- that's my philosophy. Just do anything with Oscar and have a good time.

Brent: I would rather shove the business end of a snow shovel up my butt than to go one of those parties. Anything that gives awards to people who already know they're good is pointless. Just get a life. Everybody says I look like Val Kilmer, but I'm still not going to go to one of those parties. I'm a musician -- it's enough for me to dress up like myself in the morning.

-- Jeff Slate


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