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What is the solution to Atlanta's traffic problem?

SWEETIE & CHEEK-O, ATLANTA: Limit parking downtown, forcing people to use MARTA. Make Peachtree Road into a walkplatz like they do in Frankfurt, Germany. In Frankfurt you can't drive into town, which forces people to use the subway. Frankfurt doesn't have smog days. If they made Peachtree attractive, it could work and bring more people downtown.

SAM, ATLANTA: Lower the birthrate. Overpopulation is the major problem for everything. We need more people going out of the world and less of them coming in. More roads isn't the answer, less drivers is -- and I could get to where I have to go much faster. In India, they give you a radio if you get a vasectomy. That could be part of the solution.

MIKE & EMILY, ATLANTA: There is no solution. Even if MARTA was up our street, we'd still take the car. We don't like being around people we don't know, so that's why we use the car. When you're in your car, you're in your own little world. You're in control. They've tried telecommuting, but companies want to look over everyone's shoulder. They don't trust their employees


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