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Why is the bunny the icon of Easter?

Fanchi, Atlanta: It started out with trying to find an image to make Easter more appealing to sell to children and adults, even though Easter is about the resurrection of Christ. That's not a sellable image. You can't sell chocolate candies in the shape of Christ rising from the dead. No one wants to eat that. That's gross. They could have just as easily chosen a frog.

Spike, Atlanta: The government is separating the whole church-and-state thing and perverting Christianity, so they have Santa Claus rather than Jesus and they have the Easter Bunny rather than the day when Christ died. They like to twist things and make money off of their evil things. The government gets kicks out of watching people do stupid stuff.

Jamie, Atlanta: A bunny is sexy and furry and women like it. Women like furry animals for touchin' and pettin'. Men like it because the women like it. Women are the leaders; we have to follow them. But the bunny can be evil. If you treat a bunny bad it can get evil on your ass. And if it's hyper it jumps off walls and everything.

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