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Street cred

What do you wish you knew at 20 years old?



"How big the world is. I was pretty cloistered when I went into college and since then I've traveled around the world. It gives you an entirely different perspective. You learn about tolerance, diversity and all kinds of different information."

– Brian Gunter, 54, nonprofit real estate developer

"How to be more responsible. Sometimes you make some bad decisions in life. And sometimes I have, and now I'm a street person."

– David Davison, 47, unemployed

"That I'd be broke and alone at this age."

– Nancy Rader, 51, unemployed

"Never to sign up for credit cards."

– Jeremy Clark, 25, teacher

"Stay in school no matter how hard it is. And credit is your most valuable tool. And never, under any circumstances, pluck your own eyebrows."

– Chad Jones, 28, student

"I'm much more interested in encouraging the best in the people I know than I was at 20."

– Shawn Black, 37, hairstylist

"I wish I knew that every Republican is an asshole."

– Tradd Sanderson, 33, designer

"That it's all OK."

– Scott Whray, 40, lighting specialist

"I wish I realized then that you get out of life what you put into it."

– Mike Smith, 46, IT development

"The world works the way it works."

– Chris Chambers, 57, retired

"To travel more before entering the workforce. And that George Bush is gonna be president."

– Jose Dickerson, 36, general manager

"I wish I knew that no matter how compelling your argument can be, there's just some people that are going to stay ignorant and irrational."

– Jack Beckham, 23, student

"To get the best education, especially in this country because it only cares about people with a degree whether they're smart or not. For the crummiest job, they want a four-year degree."

– Peter Eckes, 44, video editor

"I have a degree in business, and if I knew what the job market would require for someone to be financially secure, I would've secured a degree in science or IT-related field because having a more specialized degree has more value."

– John Pena, 39, contract officer

"I wouldn't change a thing. Everything happens for a reason. We all learn in our due time."

– Jeric Morales, 36, paramedic

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